Cute Beagle Meets Little Puppy Sister For The First Time !!!

A brand new sibling is one of the best surprises you can give to a dog. After a long-awaited homecoming, Louie the Beagle’s parents finally brought home their tiny beagle pup. Meet Marie, an 8-week-old beagle and new little sister to big ‘ol Louie.

Louie is already famous online for his boundless charm and larger-than-life personality. Now, he has a smaller beagle version of himself to play with, and he couldn’t be more excited! Marie and Louie share the same dad and come from the same family bloodline, and it was truly love at first sight.

Just look at the way he reacts to her for the first time…be still, my heart! I love how Marie already knows who’s the boss in this family, unafraid to chase her big brother and get a little crazy outside.

These days, Mom and Dad say the canine duo simply can’t be separated. Watch their heartwarming introduction and the first time they play together in the backyard, and get ready to let out a big “Awwww!” as you do. It’s no wonder beagles are such popular pets — they’re the perfect size, they’re mild-mannered and intelligent dogs.

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