Blind, senior dachshund abandoned at shelter finds love at last


Can anyone even imagine how anyone could surrender a blind, 18-year-old dachshund?

How the sweet dog, named Muneca, must have felt; all alone and scared as her owner walked out of the Baldwin Park Animal Care in Los Angeles, California.

Sometimes there are no explanations for how dogs choose their humans. In this particularly heartbreaking situation, a shelter volunteer named Elaine Seamans went to the Baldwin Park to visit Muneca; Elaine most likely was the first person to really show the tiny dog love.

Without hesitation, the little dachshund who could jumped into her arms. Muneca cuddled up close to Elaine’s heart and wrapped herself in the safety of the woman’s arms.

And as if the world had planned a special rendezvous for Elaine and Muneca, photographer John Hwang had just arrived at the shelter ready to take his magical photos aimed at presenting the beauty of the shelter pets to encourage adoptions.

So moved by that magical moment between the woman and the dog, John took their photo; it’s magic garnered thousands of views as the picture went viral.

Not long after, the rescue group Frosted Faces rescued Muneca. After her veterinarian care, Muneca went off to a foster home. Since her rescue, she has found a new home – her mom caters to her every hug.

If only every dog could be this lucky?

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